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Easter Vigil Reception

Christiane Maria e José Del Fresno (Christy) was received into full communion with the church and confirmed at the Easter Vigil on Saturday 30th March by Fr Anthony. Christy has been attending weekly RCIA sessions since last September and has quickly become a familiar face in the parish helping with...

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Altar Servers Formation & Christmas Party

On Saturday 23rd December from 4.00pm to 8.00 pm, the Altar servers of the parish met for their second formation meeting led by Fr Anthony and accompanied by the parish team of Michelle, Sharon, James, Debbie and Elizabeth.   Father Anthony began the formation by giving instruction on the Mass...

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OLSD Advent Wreath

The parish thanks Rita an Terry Curran for beautifully preparing and adorning the Advent Wreath. The Advent wreath is not merely a decorative item; it is a deliberate design that holds profound symbolism.  Significance of the Advent Wreath Shape and Colour Since circles have no beginning and no end, the...

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