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Finance & Fabric

Responsible Stewardship

The mission of the Finance & Fabric ministry is to offer advice and guidance to the Parish Priest on financial matters based on the principle of ‘Responsible Stewardship’ in compliance with the Diocesan Terms of Reference and Operating principles.

Responsible Stewardship involves making the best use of the generous donations given to the parish to ensure that they are used to support the parish mission, vision, and strategy and any spending that does not support our mission should be challenged.

Success is measured primarily in spiritual fruits, however at the same time the aim is to ensure that the parish is financially robust so that we can continue and sustain the important work of building God’s Kingdom here in Farnborough.

Finance Committee

  • Paul Swallow – Chairman
  • Fr Anthony Lobo – Priest
  • Paul Evans – Deacon
  • Dawn Barhan – Parish Administrator
  • Jo Wood – Secretary
  • Paul Bryanhill
  • Steve Macey 
  • Vicky Ryan

Fabric Team Lead

Health & Safety Officer

  • Maurice McSharry