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OLSD Advent Wreath

The parish thanks Rita an Terry Curran for beautifully preparing and adorning the Advent Wreath. The Advent wreath is not merely a decorative item; it is a deliberate design that holds profound symbolism. 

Significance of the Advent Wreath Shape and Colour

Since circles have no beginning and no end, the circular shape of the Advent Wreath symbolizes eternal life in Christ and reflects the complete and endless love that Jesus has for us.

The 4 candles are lit progressively, over the 4 weeks of the Advent season. There are 3 purple and one pink, each representing 1,000 years. Added together the 4 candles symbolize 4,000 years that humanity waited for our Saviour.

The purple candle symbolizes penance, sacrifice and prayer. During the first, second and fourth weeks of Advent, we light the purple candles to remind us to prepare our hearts and minds which is known as the time of “Preparation”.

The 3rd Sunday of Advent is called, ‘Gaudet’ (Rejoice) Sunday. On this day we celebrate that our wait is almost over and the pink candle is lit to signify joy as we anticipate the coming of Christ our Saviour.

The use of evergreens reminds us of our eternal life with Christ

Prickly holly represents the crown of thorns.

Pinecones the Resurrection as they contain seeds of new life.

The 5th white candle which symbolizes purity is lit on Christmas Eve or Christmas day the day we celebrate the birth of our dear Saviour, Jesus Christ.

What is Christmas

Christmas is a time of joy

Especially for each girl and boy.

A time of lots of banter

when children decide what to ask from Santa.

The tree is decked with decorations

as we look forward to meet relations.

We place our gifts under the tree

one for each of our family.

There is a more important reason

we look forward to this Season,

A Season we await the birth

of dear Saviour here on earth.

Our Saviour came a babe so small

and was placed in a manger stall

As there was no room left in the Inn

had they have known they would have let him in.

He was born to take away our sin

so our dear Lord could enter in.

This babe so small sent from above

to show the world our Lords’ dear love.

This babe came down upon the earth

so that we all would have new birth.

Through him our sins would be forgiven

so that we could live one day with him in heaven.

by Rita Curran

photo ©️ alobo

Picture of Fr Anthony Clifford Lobo SDB
Fr Anthony Clifford Lobo SDB