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Session Eight – The Fruit of the Vine

On 16 April 2024 at 4:45 PM, the children of OLSD were gathered to further their preparations for their First Holy Communion.

The session started with the children reciting the Hail Mary prayer to get them in the correct mood before continuing on. The children continued with their “I belong” books at Chapter Eight which was all about the fruit of the vine. The chapter gave the children insight on the rich nature of wine and its deserved representation of Jesus. During the study, there were mentions of how wine plays a big role in the Bible.  This was done by reading the story of Jesus’ first miracle, where he turned water into wine. This story was also showing Jesus’ divinity as he had made the finest wine of the wedding.

After a short snack break, there was a topic change as the children did a comprehension on St. Bernadette and her sightings of Mary. After this her whole life was explained in a more thorough way, including the doctrines of Mary being the immaculate conception.

When it was all said and done, the children did their meditation to calm their minds, to better process what had been taught to them on this day. When this was finished the children made their way home.

Photos © A Lobo

Picture of Deacon Maynard
Deacon Maynard