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70s Disco Success

The Disco Party from the 1970s last Saturday was a big success! It was held on May 4th, at 7 p.m., in the Hall of Our Lady of Lourdes and St Dominic Savio Parish. 

The disco was a great opportunity for parishioners of all ages to get together and was a celebration of the feast of Saint Dominic Savio which was due on 6 May 2024.  

People enjoyed the party, saying, ‘It was a great fun evening.’ Another lady said she enjoyed it so much that she said, ‘She has not had fun for a long time.’ A Monsieur said, ‘It was amusing seeing people having fun.’ Fr Anthony Lobo danced until last minute and our popular Dcn. Paul Evans brought an extra colourful light to the party, dressing according to the theme!

Sharon Boylett knows how to throw a party, and with many helpers, the social event was great fun! To name a few, Sharon and everyone cheer on the yummy food table setting by Yvette MacLeod, James Fitzpatrick-Ellis, Jan Cottrell, Marilyn Wong, and many others; you know who are. Steve Macey and Yvette kindly covered the bar.  

The DJ (Chef) Cameron has excellent vinyl DJ settings, bringing many to the dance floor! Check out some photos below. 

Picture of Christy Del Fresno
Christy Del Fresno