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Game of Countdown

On Thursday, March 14th meeting of the Mamma Margherita club, we were delighted to welcome back Core group members Ian and Fina Ledgerwood who have returned safely from their travels to the Philippines.

We were also able to welcome several new members from our Parish family and give a special welcome to Dot Whitehouse, a member of the Methodist Church in Camberley.

Our very own Graham Dorey led a competitive but goodhearted game of Countdown and as the Core team’s table, aided by Peter and Roland won, we forwent our prize of chocolates! 

A parish member asked me recently what the age range for the club was and I was able to reassure him that although we range from our mid-60s to nearly 90 we are all young at heart and very sociable although some of us are still getting used to the idea of being “Seniors” and prefer to think of ourselves as “Older” members of the parish family.

If you fit into that wide age group, do join us on the second Thursday of each month and help build our Parish family.

Thanks, as always, go to Fr Anthony for celebrating a very intimate Mass in the Lady Chapel as the main church was completely rearranged for the wonderful Mosaic Art’s performance of Come to the Table.

Thanks too to regular baker Teresa and Fina for delicious cake, Sharon for providing and serving the teas and coffees, Eileen O’Connell for reading at Mass and to Nora Benton for a very special closing prayer remembering Josie Dudley, Sally Petronijevich and Tess Bayada.

Our April meeting will begin with a Mass of Anointing and Healing, followed by an interesting description of Martin Wood’s pilgrimage to the Holy Land with the Clifton Diocese. 

Be aware, we may finish a little later than our usual 4 pm.

Picture of Yvette MacLeod
Yvette MacLeod