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Session Six – Human Dignity

The focus of this session was Human Dignity. At the start of the session, we collected the phones of the candidates so that they could properly focus on the session and so that they could focus properly on the session and on the tasks and so they did not have any distractions. We started the session with the lighting of a candle and a prayer, this time we read psalm 139, a truly beautiful psalm. 

After praying we began to watch a powerful video on Bullying, after which we came together into our groups to discuss the video and the impression that it left on us. Then in our groups we were given an envelope containing pieces of paper with a ‘thing’ written on it, we then in our groups had to decide whether the thing occurred because the concerning person was treated as a something or a someone if it occurred because they were treated as a something the piece of paper would be placed in the something column. For example, “human trafficking” or “abortion” would be placed in the something column because they occur due to the person being treated as a something.

Once we had finished the someone/something task we began to discuss our answers and why we chose them in our groups. After all the groups had finished the task and finished their discussions we came back to the centre of the room and Anthony began his talk on Kenya and his experiences travelling there to help with a local rural hospital. Anthony began to go over, his experience of his travels there, one thing Anthony said was that even though the lives of those people in those rural parts of Kenya are worse off than ours they seem to have a stronger appreciation for God in their lives.

After this we went back to our groups and then began to complete another task in which we were given a list of moral dilemmas and we then had to ask questions about the moral dilemmas. The first question we asked was “what does your conscience tell you to do?” then we asked, “what do you actually/usually do?” and finally “how does it make you feel?”  

Picture of Guillaume Thompson
Guillaume Thompson