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Session Five – Spiritual Gifts

Confirmation Learning Document

On Friday the 2nd of February from 7-8.30pm was the 5th confirmation session for this year’s candidates.

On Friday the 2nd of February from 7-8.30pm was the 5th confirmation session for this year’s candidates.

At the start of the session, we collected the phones of the candidates so that they could properly focus on the session and so they would not be distracted from the distractions of the outside world.

The session started off with a prayer this time led by one of the candidates, we tart each session with a prayer to reaffirm the reason why they are here, so that they can come closer to God. After the prayer our led catechist Anthony opened the subject of the session ‘The Gifts of the Holy Spirit’ Anthony started off by explaining 7 gifts of the holy spirit, these were: Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel-Right Judgement, Fortitude, Knowledge, Wonder & Awe and Piety, after explaining the basics of the gifts, and teaching the candidates the importance of the gifts of the Holy spirit in our lives, Anthony then played a video that further explained the Gifts to the candidates.

After watching the video, the candidates moved to their tables and into their groups. Each of the tables had a pile of paper with each piece of paper having one of the gifts and its description, and the other pile having a picture, it was then up to the candidates to sort and match up the gifts to the pictures. When this was done, catechist Guillaume and my fellow catechist Deborah asked, the candidates which of the gifts meant the most to them and which one they thought was the most important.

Once the discussion was over the candidates were then given a small booklet  with questions that they had to respond to, by putting a number next to the question between 0-5, 0 representing Never/not true and 5 representing all of the time/always true, The questions ranged from “my heart is heavy for those who are lost without Jesus” to “I believe everyone needs encouragement in this life, and love to give it.” The purpose of the questions was to find out what gifts each candidate most aligns with the most. After the candidates found out which gift they align with the most, the catechists then asked about how accurate the candidates thought the answers were.

After that was done the 5th session came to a close and now, we are all looking forward to the next session,

May God bless you and keep you all.

by Catechist Guillaume Thompson

Picture of Guillaume Thompson
Guillaume Thompson