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The Pope's Charity for World Mission

Andrew Docherty

Missio is the  magazine of the Mill Hill Missionaries and their name used for the Red  Boxes which are available to all parishioners as a means of providing financial support for the Mill Hill Missionaries in their work they carry out spreading the faith across the world – particularly in the developing areas where the word of God struggles to get through to the people. Their aim is to share the love and compassion of Jesus with the world.

Every few months you will see the latest free Mission Today magazine in the porch which you can take away to read about the work of the missionaries across the world and how they are contributing not only in spreading the faith but also in helping to train and educate those in greatest need.  

There is a need for increased financial support for the missionaries and it is surprising how much has been provided by our parishioners by taking a Red Box home and putting loose change in it and subsequently when the box is feeling rather full, then leaving it in the church porch where it can be collected, emptied and returned to be picked up next time you are in church.

It is amazing how much money the parish over the years have contributed to the missionaries. However, over time the number of parishioners contributing through their Red Boxes has been falling.

Would you feel able to take a Red Box and contribute to supporting the missionaries in their work of spreading the gospel?

If so, please contact the Parish Office ( giving your name, email, telephone number and address and I will arrange for a Red Box to be available for you to pick up from the church porch.

Andrew Docherty